Monthly Workshop Series:
Sundays, 1:30-4:30pm
7/24, 8/21, 9/24 & 25, 10/15, & 11/20


Dance practices are opportunities to explore many aspects of what it means to be in a human body, from how to expand our possible movement pathways to support our over all physical health and well being to supporting our creative expression through movement. What we also know is that, on the most basic level, when we dance we bring more breath and life force energy into the body (YES!) and as we do this we can bump into (bring our awareness to) existing physical and emotional patterns that cause resistance for this energy to flow. These patterns we “bump” into in ourselves while on the dance floor are often patterns of response and reaction that we experience in other areas of our life. Free form conscious dance spaces can be amazing containers in which to explore and move through some of these places of resistance both emotional and physical AND yet sometimes we could use some additional tools for navigating what comes up.

This series is designed to provide some tools and fuel for deepening your practice whether you have been dancing for year or are new to dance. Each workshop features different movement modalities and will provide both tools and open up possibilities for what you may choose to focus on or develop in your personal dance practice.

Sunday November 20th 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Open Floor with Stacey Butcher

“Slowing Down to Speed Up: The Power of PAUSE”

Body as Resource
Open Floor is a healing movement meditation practice and lively dance inquiry designed to reclaim our lost embodiment. The emphasis in Open Floor is to awaken our sensate experience, emotional intelligence, relational skills, and mindful awareness.

Join us as we:
· Develop essential movement skills that can be used on any dance floor and in our lives
· Encourage the body move from fixed to fluid
· Deepen our sensate awareness of the body
· “Move and Include” all that is arising on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

“All knowledge until it’s in the body is still a rumor” ~ Anonymous

Stacey’s Bio:

Stacey Butcher is an Open Floor Movement teacher, serving on the faculty of Open Floor International. She is also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), certified 5Rhythms teacher (trained by Gabrielle Roth), Reiki Master/Teacher, and bodyworker. Stacey has been dedicated to the healing arts for over 20 years and has studied with healers and teachers from around the world. Her teaching is infused with passion, deep presence and humor. She is an inspirational facilitator and is skilled at holding space for transformation. For more information, please visit her website at


$30 To pre register for this session please send payment via PayPal to

$40 at the door (cash and check only)

Note: Some work trade positions available

*****************Past workshops*******************

SUNDAY July 24th 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM
The Responsive Body with Padma Gordon

“Developing a Ground of Being – Resources for Deepening the Dance”

The class we will explore body based resources for navigating what arises emotionally, physically and relationally in the dance practice space AND in life!

COST: $20 pre register OR $30 at the door

Enjoy the first session of the series reduced rate!

Sunday August 21st 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Axis Syllabus with Kevin O’Connor

“Introduction to Easeful Pathways”

Introduction to Axis Syllabus and the how this movement vocabulary and exploration can support the the development of more easeful and physically sustainable movement pathways to enrich and deepen your dance practice and your life.


$30 To pre register for this session please send payment via PayPal to

$40 at the door (cash and check only)

Note: Some work trade positions available

Saturday September 24th and Sunday 25th – Special 2 day workshop 1:00 PM to 6:30 PM (both days)
Contact Improvisation with Martin Keogh

“100 ways to Kneel and Kiss the Ground”

Join good company in Santa Cruz for dancing and discovery. With somatic exercises, games, some sweat, and the unique physicality of the contact body we will savor and rock the boundaries of our dancing.
Contact Improvisation reveals to us that instability leads to mobility … and great instability leads to exhilarating mobility. We begin by decelerating our sense of time to enter the details of sensation. From here we locate our ground to dance while in the act of falling. And dance we will!

We will explore:
* Moving from a base of sensation
* Dancing with a shared central axis
* Seeking ease in going off balance
* Finding the spontaneous acrobatics of the form
* Spending more time in nuance, disorientation, and extended follow-through

Note: This workshop is for those with a solid grasp of Contact Improvisation fundamentals

Student Rate: Economically deprived students & the underemployed: $ 125.00
Regular Rate: Employed yet economically challenged (teacher, librarian, lots of kids, etc.): $ 165.00
Professional Rate: Actually contributing to your retirement plan (support the arts): $ 195.00


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