What people are saying about 418…

“A great artistic community building enterprise; a beating heart for Santa Cruz.”

This space has been a unique & treasured cornerstone of the arts in Santa Cruz. The community built around it is one of a kind & the location, with all its quirks, lends to the welcoming personality of the 418 as a dance and gathering place. It is one of the last strongholds reminiscent of what Santa Cruz used to be like 20 years ago.

“Dance freedom, creative people, affordability, choice of times and days to dance.”

“The 418 is a community and culture….it is so important to me to know that this community exists and has a home.”

“What keeps me coming back is the acceptance and the playfulness of Sunday morning Dance Church the wholesomeness of 418 supporting itself in a noncommercial fashion. I can come when I have money and if I have no money I can still come and pay what I can.”

“I have been (attending) since the 418 was the Dance Gallery, it is part of my life. A meaningful part that continues…”

“Spirit and heart of community!”

“It is so important to have affordable studio for independent artists/performers. Having a space like 418 helps promote our community’s nurturing of performance arts.”

“I think the 418 is a vital and necessary part of Santa Cruz life and if it wasn’t here, or something very similar, I might not want to live here…I use it as a renter for classes, performances and rehearsals, as well as attending many events each year. Its presence as a community space is hugely important to me.

“Great floor for dancing, community feel, reasonable cost, friendly staff, chairs for class, nice and light from the skylights, nice and warm in the Winter.”

“Where I met some magical people and was able to create dance movement with other like-minded folks!”