New Classes!

S Factor Beginning Pole
Mondays 11:00am-12:30pm,
February 20 – April 17 (no class March 27th)

S Factor Pole 2
Mondays 4:00-5:30pm
February 20-April 17 (no class March 27th

S Factor Pole 2/3
Tuesdays 5:15-6:45pm
February 21 – April 18 (no class March 28th)

Fluid Feminine Movement
Ongoing every Friday

Have you had the feeling like you are moving too fast and you crave an opportunity to slow down and sink into your body’s softness, to feel relaxed and present? I know that feeling all too well! Recently leaving the corporate world and starting my journey as an entrepreneur I know what it’s like to have a full plate! I have committed to finding pleasure practices that keep me feeling alive and connected to my feminine energy amongst the busyness of life. You know what I learned? I actually get more done when I take this crucial time for myself! Join me in my upcoming S Factor classes to give your body the delight of slow, sensual feminine movement and self care.


Beginning Pole

Slow down and enjoy the circular movements our feminine body so loves! You ever get that feeling like you are disconnected from your body’s deep wisdom? That place in you that knows how to play and feel deeply, and can be the guiding force in your life? I know, I’ve felt that too! S Factor was created to invite us back into this wonderful place so we can connect with our feminine radiance!

This 8 week series will explore slow circular movements that deepen our feminine connection while also offering a great workout. Women report feeling more alive, free and expressive in their lives after their first few S Factor classes! Plus, they experience overall body strengthening and increased flexibility from these exercises designed for the feminine. We will learn a sexy routine, explore beginning pole play and build a fun community! No experience needed for this intro class. Invite a girlfriend and join the fun!

Pole 2

All of you gorgeous women who have completed Pole 1…congratulations! Let’s continue playing with those pole tricks and start layering fun new pole play into our dances! We’ll learn more of our hot routine and start combining it all together! Plus you can start picking your own music and playing more with costumes as we delve deeper into our self exploration of emotions and your bodies incredible wisdom.

Pole 2/3

This fun mixed level class will merge level 2 and 3 S ladies for a fun adventure! I am so excited for us to delve deeper into our emotional bodies and continue our Erotic Creature exploration. We will learn a hot lap dance and a new strip tease!

Fluid Feminine Movement

Slow down and enjoy the circular movements our feminine body so loves! This 1 hour workout brings us down into our hips, deepening our breath and allows us to let go of the world outside the studio. A great way to end your work week and set you up for a great weekend! This class is for all levels. Are you taking a pole class and want more studio time? Drop in any Friday for this FFM dance flow!


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