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Development Coordinator

About The 418 Project
With 25 years supporting movement arts and building community, The 418 Project has
become a Santa Cruz arts epicenter serving 1,000 people weekly. We host a wide range
of dances, movement classes, workshops and performances, and provide opportunities for
people to connect and express themselves creatively in a safe and vibrant setting. Our
offerings of Dance Church, India Joze and What Is Erotic? have established us as a place
that expresses Santa Cruz’s unique culture in original and daring ways. Our mission is to
build community, ignite creative expression, inspire exploration, and nurture personal
and artistic growth through dance and movement art.
The Position of Development Coordinator
The Development Coordinator holds a special role in the realization of the Mission and
Vision of The 418 Project by participating in and helping to drive the development of its
community. Working closely with the Executive Director, the DC creates outward-facing
messaging and communications, interfaces with teachers, manages membership data,
facilitates communications with consultants and City officials, and will assist in the
implementation of an upcoming capital campaign. This is the person who, from the core
of the organization, diffuses cool waters of information from the wellspring of its
dynamic leadership.

You are the person we seek for the position of Development Coordinator if you:
• Want to make a difference in the lives of others.
• Believe in the mission and vision of The 418 Project and share the values of its
• Can ‘connect the dots’ using basic social media and database tools.
• Get a bang out of working spontaneously and joyfully with people of diverse
backgrounds and temperaments.
• Are a self-starter and strong finisher who plays well with others.
• Can speak artist language when bringing artists up to speed (on technology) and
helping them feel confident and supported.
• Can meld a meaningful relationship between technology and message, and can
create beauty when doing so.
The ideal candidate will have the majority of the skills outlined in this job description.
However, if you fit most, but not all, of the bill, apply anyway. In either case, be direct in
your cover letter about your strengths, interests, and “fit” for this position.
Working Environment
The 418 Project offers a setting that celebrates diversity and encourages heartfelt
interactions with others. Its ecosystem is a synergistic mix of artists, teachers, organizers,
students at all levels, people looking for a place to connect, and gifted individuals
generously sharing their talents. It is a non-smoking, drug-free environment that operates
according to a carefully formulated code of ethics. The many candid testimonials that its
community members have recorded speak loudly of its transformative power. The 418
Project empowers those with a good heart and boundless energy to make a difference and
contribute to something special.

Opening: Deadline for application is May 23rd at 5 PM. Interviews will begin
immediately and we will fill the position as soon as possible. No resumes without cover
letters will be accepted.

Schedule: Part-time position, 15 hours/week, flexible hours, some of these at The 418
Project office. More hours are possible with time and funding.

Location: 418 Front Street, Santa Cruz

Reporting: This position reports to Executive Director

Supervisory Responsibilities: N/A

FLSA Status: Exempt

Compensation: $18/hour

Please send your cover letter and resume to Laura Bishop at: