Sundays 7:30 – 10pm

Bringing in a fresh new musical journey Sunday evenings for the Santa Cruz dance community!
More info:

DJ Windhorse (Brian Edgar), facilitator & organizer

Integrating an electronic musical journey infused with live percussion, followed by closing sacred sound ceremony with special guests. Nexus will have guest DJs and musicians in the rotation (TBA). Cost: donations welcome

About the dance:
“As a facilitator, I strive to be curious: to invite rather than instruct, to be present in the mix, and to honor what is energetically emerging to the best of my ability. I seek to co-create a container that feels safe enough to dive deep into embodied expression, and yet also juicy and alive enough to bring full experience as we immerse into the depths and edges of our somatic awareness. Kindness and awareness are my aspirations. I invite you to be respectful of other dancers. We are striving to create a safe dance space. I also invite you to keep communication embodied and nonverbal in the dance space. Generosity, patience, and celebration of the human spirit are central in guiding my approach and methodology in facilitation.”

About Brian Edgar/DJ Windhorse:
Brian loves weaving sonic landscapes and supporting people on their journey in wholeness. He has enjoyed dancing in this format for 17 years and has been weaving through the DJing circuit for Bay Area free-form expressive dances for over 13 years, including Dance Church, Soul Sanctuary, Dance Jam, Ecstatic Dance, Kinesphere, and Barefoot Boogie. Brian also has a ‘Dancing Through the Dharma’ series in the works (daylong retreats integrating meditation and dance). He brings into the dance a lifelong journey in the musical world starting with his first instrument, the clarinet, as well as sax, drums, guitar, and electronic composition. Brian’s embodiment practice helps to inform his musical sense of what might be particular types of catalysts, and if paired with sensitive timing, conducive to reawakening life force, feeling whole, and healing. His approach is also informed by his other career: 20-year practice in Bodywork and Somatic Healing Arts.

What’s a nexus?

There are many meanings to the word, ‘nexus.’ What caught my attention is the “connected group or series of events” definition combined with the “center,” or “hub” definitions.  I thought it fit for the ongoing practice of dance for individuals wanting more connection to center; core being-ness. It is also defined as, “a means of connection,” which fits well for this event, too.

As discussed in the expressive arts and humanistic-existential schools, self-actualizing is about striving to connect to one’s own center, to fulfill a personal journey within, while at the same time, reaching through with others as embodied social creatures. Likewise, Buddhist teachings hold that the way to enlightenment is through embodiment, or as Gil Fronsdal puts it, “ invitation to experience our bodies, and to embody our experience.” The word nexus, for me, seemed a congruent trope sufficient for these practices.

Nexus is here to support your mindfulness as embodiment practice, and also to just have a great time dancing and celebrating life!  I’ll end this blurb with a relevant, albeit out of context, quote from Ken Wilbur, “You are not just one layer of the onion; you are the entire onion.”

-Brian Edgar/Windhorse