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What Is Erotic? Proudly Presents…

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13th Season

Original Dance & Theatre Asking One Provocative Question…

Santa Cruz’s Hottest Valentines Date: Bring along some friends or meet a new one!  cushion cuddle seating is back!

February 9, 10, 14, 16, 17  2018

Your choice of general admission or reserved seating

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“Fun, Bawdy…Festive and Daring!” ~Good Times Weekly

Learn more and stay in touch with us at: facebook.com/The418Project, or at facebook.com/whatiserotic/


Comprised of all original performance art, this year’s show brings you original song, theatre, spoken word, and of course, lots of hot dance:  pole dance, aerial art, dance hall and burlesque.  All pieces are performed by the artists who created them.


In answer to a culture of objectification, WIE leads from the heart, breaking through stereotypes to spark a safer and more vibrant conversation around sexuality, sensuality and empowerment.

Answering One Provocative Question

Through Original Dance and Theater.

Every fall The 418 Project invites people of all experience levels, from professional performance artists to those with no stage experience, to apply for What Is Erotic?, The 418 Project’s largest performance mentorship program.  Now in its second decade, WIE has mentored hundreds of people, been seen by thousands, and is The 418 Project’s most successful fundraiser.

WIE mentorship participants receive five months of in-depth coaching and direction as they prepare to bring their personal content to the stage.  Whether through dance, spoken word, theatre performance, or volunteering for the show in other ways, WIE participants experience a safe space to reach deep, sometimes into edgy or personal material, and be seen in a professional and supportive environment that fosters artistic and personal growth and expression.

What Is Erotic? provides artistic growth opportunities, whether a participant is involved once or over a span of years.  An audience member can become a performer, a stagehand, a writer, a dancer a costumer, production assistant or choreographer, as individual artistic strengths are fostered.

We welcome your support at: the418project.com/support

Learn more and stay in touch with us at: facebook.com/The418Project

Audition!  Volunteer!  Support!  whatiserotic.net

WHAT IT MEANS TO BE IN WIE What Is Erotic? is more than a theatre show.  It is a unique opportunity to step into places where you’ll feel sometimes vulnerable and most definitely vividly alive.  WIE presents the chance for even those experienced in stage and many with little to no prior experience to take part in a respectful, safe environment  that becomes a highly professional theater production.

The Story of What Is Erotic?


Once upon a time, Long, long ago, back in 2005, there was a volunteer who had an idea.  The volunteer wanted to create a fundraiser for The 418 Project, so he suggested a show sourced from community, called What Is Erotic? and that proceeds be donated all proceeds to the beloved community center.

At first, the show was, well, a little uneven, but Very Magic.  It wasn’t clear at first that the directors and the actors were playing with Fire, otherwise known as Sex.  Every year, folks appeared, not only to perform, but to volunteer and work as technicians, because they wanted to be involved in the project.  And each year, the show grew and changed, until people came from all over the Bay Area to see it and it became the biggest fundraiser for the non-profit.

Story Tellers and Burlesque Dancers.  Playwrights and Comedians.  Aerialists, Fire Dancers and Circus Artists.  Ukelele players and Gamalan musicians.  Opera singers and Magical Creatures of all kinds, some who had never before been seen on stage, came forth to create the Magic that is WIE. We began to discover hidden themes inside each season.  We began to learn how to create safety by understanding boundaries, a secret part of mastering our own Erotic.  We began to learn that this One, Provocative Question can never really be answered once and for all, but returns, renews and reveals itself endlessly and uniquely, to each of us.

People, performers and audience members alike told us, “This show changed my life.”  And we began to realize that, while it takes guts and vulnerability to let ourselves be seen really seen, in this way, our commitment to creating a show that is So Much More than Shallow rings bells down to the bone, through the spirit and out of the, well, you know, the “Deepest Parts” of ourselves! It is an Honor, a Privilege, and even more, a Pleasure! to Create this Living Artwork Together with You.

If you haven’t seen it, check out footage from our 2016 show:  https://youtu.be/F2YeFWQDL2Y


Team Erotic, WIE Directors and Producers