Sunday, 9:00 – 11:30am

You are invited to dance yourself free every Sunday morning!

The DJ is the minister, the music is the sermon, the dancers are the congregation. Since 2001, a spiritual dance jam has occurred every Sunday morning from 9 to 11:30 at The 418 Project. Join the congregation!

Suggested donation $10. All are welcome.

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What does Dance Church have to do with The 418 Project?

Some Dance Churchers have asked recently:  what does The 418 Project have to do with Dance Church?

In case you didn’t know, Dance Church is the beating heart of The 418 Project.  The 418 Project was founded in 1993 as a non-profit that became the hub for alternative movement and culture.  In 2001, a UCSC student decided to create a social experiment as part of school project:  she wanted to find out what would happen if there was a place to dance without restriction, where anyone could come and move freely and without judgement.  And so Dance Church was formed.  Everyone who participated, included DJ’s, volunteered for this as a gesture of community.  Dance Church was meant to be free from profit, just a place where all could gather.  People put money in a basket, just as we do today, and Dance Church donated its proceeds to The 418 Project, as the host and heart of the community.

Today, Dance Church is the largest contributor of donated funds to The 418 Project.  It is also the gathering where many of us first discover community dance and meet the people many would say, is why Santa Cruz is such a welcoming place.  Every time you walk into Dance Church and make an offering, you support this landmark community arts center, which serves over 1,000 local residents weekly.  Each time you toss money into that basket, you support affordable and safe space for classes, jams, workshops, performances and gatherings of all kinds.  Every time you say “YES” to Dance Church, you say “NO” to the vanilla-ization of Santa Cruz.  Long Live Dance Church!  Long Live The 418 Project, the Place to Move and Be Moved.

-Laura Bishop, Executive Director, The 418 Project