DEEPENING PRACTICE SERIES: A Weekly Movement Laboratory
✭ Somatic Practices – Embodied Self Expression – Community Ritual ✭
Produced and facilitated by Stephanie Meux, Shelly Adams, Brynne Flidais, Tom Truman and Autumn Orion. Sponsored by Women’s Movement Medicine & 5Rhythms Santa Cruz.
Deepening Practice is for anyone wanting to investigate somatic (body-based) pathways and discover deeper connection to self, other, community and LIFE.
Over the next several months we will offer -four- 5 WEEK SERIES. Each series will be guided by a different community facilitator.
If you have been longing to explore ways to more fully embody your power, creativity and self expression with the support of other curious humans, come join us Wednesday nights! You are welcome, wanted and needed!
Foundational Somatic Practices
Boundaries – Pathway to Deeper Connection
The Power of Witnessing – Deep Receptivity
Following Impulse – Being Danced
Community Ritual – Life Force In Us, As Us, Through Us


DAY: Wednesday
TIME: 7:45 PM – 9:30 PM (Doors Close at 8 PM)


COMMITTED practitioners preferred
Drop ins welcome

Our intention is for this journey to consist of a solid group of dedicated practitioners that can be present throughout the November series. This provides for a deeper, richer, more potent container in which we can integrate and build upon our skills as the series unfolds. That said, if it’s not possible for you to commit to all 5 weeks, you are welcome to drop in.

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