A Series of Embodied Forums for
Santa Cruz Conscious Dance Community on
Sexuality, Gender Relations & Safety on the Dance Floor

Sundays, 12:30-2:30pm
9/11, 10/16 & 11/6

$10-$20 Suggested Donation

11/6 Getting To Yes – Practicing Embodied Safety

with Laura Bishop

10/16 The Yin/Yang of it all – Gender Relations: Move-Write-Speak
with Julie Oak9/11 Sexuality on the Dance Floor
with Tim Hartnett & Amy Cooper

11/6 ‘Getting to Yes’: Practicing Embodied Safety
Facilitated by Laura Bishop

In this workshop, you will learn how to…

~Create a safe invitational environment around you
~Invite and begin a dance with another
~Communicate your boundaries in a clear, respectful way
~Successfully recognize and respect a ’no’ or a ’not yet’ from another
~Recognize when a dance is over
~Be more relaxed and have more fun in your dance, whether dancing solo, with a group or with a partner

About the Facilitator:

Laura Bishop, 418 Executive Director and Artistic Director of What Is Erotic?, has taught hundreds of people how to create safe boundaries in embodied, non-verbal environments where attraction and sexuality are in the mix.  Laura also leads Fearless Salons, an embodied practice of learning your deeper truths and communicating with more relaxation and joy.  She is a holistic therapist specializing in Enlightened Relationship Healing.  For more info, visit laurabishop.com


10/16 ‘The Yin/Yang of it All – Gender Relations On & Off the Dance Floor. 

Facilitated by Julie Oak

Gender Issues Write/Move/Speak
A dynamic, profound, non-adversarial, and fun way to have a discussion.  After a safe container is established, we will write briefly, then some will move while others read or speak.

About the Facilitator:

Julie draws on extensive experience with Physical Theater, Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, and Body-based Therapies. She teaches her own form of movement-theater she calls “RealPlay.” She co-led a write/move/speak forum on “The Shadow of Contact” for many years at the West Coast Contact Improv Festival, and looks forward to applying the same format to our Gender subject!


9/11 Sexuality on the Dance Floor
Facilitated by Tim Hartnett and Amy Cooper


This forum is a chance for our dance community to come together and give voice to the usually non-verbal dynamics of sexuality on the dance floor. This is not a workshop or class. It is a facilitated community discussion based on the model used for many years at NCDC summer dance camp. The facilitation keeps the sharing both deeply personal and concise. The openness and vulnerability of the participants can be very bonding, allowing us to become a community that offers listening and understanding to all its members.

About the facilitators:

Tim Hartnett, PhD is a veteran contact improv dancer. He teaches in the graduate psychology department at JFK University and has a therapy/mediation practice in Santa Cruz. Tim is also a co-organizer of NCDC summer Dance Camp where he and Amy regularly facilitate community discussions on sexuality and dance.

Amy Cooper, PhD is a sexual enrichment coach and author of “The Everything Orgasm Book”. Amy blends various approaches, including Hakomi, to help her clients dialogue honestly about sexuality. Amy also maintains a bodywork/massage therapy practice. Her websites are LoveYourSexLife.org and Massage-SantaCruz.net.