Sunday, May 21st 1:00 – 4:00pm


‘A New Way of No-ing’ Dancing with Peace, Clarity, Joy and Empowerment
Movement practice + compassionate communication.

Our final offering for this series of Embodied Community Forums, this FREE 3-hour session is an experiential process that continues to support our healing through movement and community conversation. Facilitated byLaura Bishop.

DOORS CLOSE at 1:15 PM to preserve the container

Do you have a hard time saying no?
Does saying No create feelings of stress or confusion inside you?
Do you sometimes wonder why no one hears your No?

Then come to this community forum where you can learn to say No (and anything else) with more peace and empowerment!

Using simple body based signals, we’ll explore both the light and dark side of boundaries and learn to dance with ourselves and others with more joy and clarity. These tools work in both verbal and non-verbal settings.

We will explore:
Why and How is NO challenging for me both within and without?
How do I ‘dance’ with authority?
What do my boundary triggers look like and how do I catch them before they run away with me?

Laura Bishop is Executive Director of The 418 Project and a holistic therapist specializing in enlightened relationship healing. As Artistic Director for What Is Erotic? for over a decade, Laura has taught hundreds of people about creating safe boundaries in sexually and sensually charged environments.

This is a FREE event.
Sponsored by Dance Church and Ecstatic Dance Santa Cuz

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