Explore your fantasies and discover what is erotic to you…


Friday, August 3, 2018
at The 418 Project

This year’s Foreplay Soiree is a chance for YOU to discover: What Is Erotic?

Whether you’re feeling bold or shy (or maybe a bit of both), we’ll host performances & experiences with you in mind, so you can explore your personal answer to our one provocative question: WHAT IS EROTIC?



$25-$75 (in advance)
$30-$100 (at the door)


Reception & Exploration Playtime

Saucy Games of Skill and Stamina

Fur and Feather Adoration Station with Ellice Apostolos

Tantric Connection Ritual with Amy Baldwin of Pure Pleasure

Performances by:
S Factor

Yesenia Gypsy

Girl Scout Burlesque

Sirena Andrea of Yoniverse Monologues

9-10PM—Playtime Continues…

 For more info: visit or email WIE Artistic Director Laura Bishop at luminouslaura@gmail.com

What happens at Foreplay Soiree?

This is a place to explore your boundaries and what you personally find erotic in a safe environment. You can play games, get tied up by a professional rope mistress, & explore how you like to give and receive sensation at the Fur & Feather Adoration Station—all with skilled, compassionate facilitators to help you. And there’s a lot more!

In this environment, there is no pressure. You are free to enjoy the party, be a wall flower and enjoy the activities as an observer, or go for it! And try something new. We will provide green/yellow/red guidelines for interaction so you always feel supported, never pushed past your limit. 

On top of our playtime activities, there will be a Tantric Connection Ritual facilitated by Amy Baldwin of Pure Pleasure that you can take part in with a friend or on your own, where you can discover some activities (all fully clothed) designed to improve intimacy with yourself and others. We think intimacy is erotic!

Fur and Feather Adoration Station with Ellice Apostolos of S Factor Santa Cruz 

Ellice will set a safe container for you to ask for the adoration you desire, create healthy boundaries, and let go into receiving pleasure! Let your senses be delighted and tickle your fancy in our adoration station stocked with feathers, fur, rose petals & other delicious surprises!

Sirena Andrea is  the Creator & Director of the groundbreaking ritual performance the Yoniverse Monologues. She is a master storyteller specializing in helping women become the authors of their own stories so they can find their true voice and live more empowered lives.

Sirena will be telling an original twisted story based on two legends that come from ancient Europe

Amy Baldwin  will be guiding a Tantric Puja—a sensual ritual of honoring the beloved through Tantric breath, intimate eye connection, and deep sharing from our hearts. Boundaries and consent will be emphasized, and if you come with a partner, you are free to move with them throughout the Puja.

Amy has a passion for promoting shame-free, pleasure-based sexuality education while emphasizing the deep emotional and energetic forces behind great sex and intimate connection, offering everything from sexual how-to courses to Sacred Sexuality workshops. 

She is is a Sexuality Educator, Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach, and co-creator of the Shameless Sex Podcast, with a degree in Psychology, and a minor in Human Sexuality from SFSU. She has training from SFSI (San Francisco Sex Information) as a Certified Sex Educator, as well as the Somatica Institute and Barbara Carrellas’ Urban Tantra Professional’s program. 


Nekeisha is a California based practitioner of Japanese rope bondage. She has been doing rope for six years, being the youngest rope artist to start suspension at the tender age of 16. Her kinbaku teachers include works from Douglas Kent and Twisted Monk.  Her style is based on traditional kinbaku techniques and other rope artists techniques like Esinem and Gorgone. She has worked on various videos, artistic collaborations and photo shoots both on and off camera. be 

She will be facilitating Rope Bondage Play.

Yesenia Gypsy is a dance instructor involved in the Body Positivity Movement. She teaches Worldanz in the Santa Cruz area. Most recently she discovered her passion for burlesque and hopes to perform more. She loves to twerk, vogue, and eat watermelon—but, most of all, she loves to help people feel good about their bodies. 

Yesenia will be performing at Foreplay Soiree.

Aaron is thrilled to join the Foreplay Soiree production team as the official Saucy Games designer. A six-year veteran of What Is Erotic?, he comes to us from a background of theatre and carnival barking.

Aaron will be leading Saucy Games of Skill and Stamina.