The 418 Project’s


The 418 Project is your home for embodied community!
For 25 years, The 418 Project has been there for  more than 1,000 people who use our space every week.
Our class fees and studio rentals do not cover the costs of keeping The 418 Project’s doors open. We count on you, our community, and ask you contribute what you can, to support our growth and a secure home!

Last year with your donations, we completely refitted our sound system and hired a Community Development Coordinator!

– Create a new website
Get our floors refinished
– Fill our victory fund for our upcoming re-location
– Pay for our free community educational workshops on consent, diversity, & inclusivity.
Your donations will support staying connected to you, our community!


Make a one-time or monthly donation.

Or drop off a cash/check donation to our office.

Make a Monthly Donation
Would you like your “thank you” gift?
Thank you gift by mail, or pick-up?


Make a One-Time Donation
Would you like your “thank you” gift?
Thank you gift by mail, or pick-up?

The 418 Project is your home for embodied community.
All gifts are welcomed.
Your donation is the perfect size, no matter how big or small.  
Get your donation doubled with our matching grant.
And, ask your employer about employer matching. 
Now is the moment to experience the joy of supporting a community
that supports you!
All donations are tax-deductible
The 418 Project is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.
Make your donation during our matching period and your gift value & donation will be doubled.  
Make an employer matched gift and your gift will be quadrupled!

$25 Donation

A 418 Project sticker, made by Sarah A. Greene

$100 Donation

Ecstatic Dance pass, $20 India Joze bucks,  & sticker

$250 Donation

Smart phone stand, handmade by our own Tom Truman, & everything above

$500 Donation

1 Hour-long Massage by one of our skilled community body workers 

$1,000 Donation

A PAIR of VIP Tickets to see the San Jose Sharks

$5,000 Donation

A private helicopter tour of the Monterey Bay

Our “thank you” mandala sticker. Hand drawn by community member and artist, Sarah A. Greene. 

Made by Tom Truman.