Thursdays 8:00 – 10:00pm

Inner Rhythm is a DJ’d, lightly facilitated free-form ecstatic dance/movement meditation experience. It is a practice of surrendering to the moment and to our body’s wisdom. It is an opportunity for allowing, feeling, and expressing all the emotional qualities and textures that make up this human experience.

Inner Rhythm is an exploration of our inner landscape–alone and in community. What is it like to be in an environment that welcomes our inner chaos and un-groundedness? Also, what is it like to be firmly rooted in our own center, true to ourselves, while sharing space and interacting with others on the dance floor? And what unfolds when we carry this embodied truth and freedom beyond the dance floor, into our daily lives?

“I have an agreement with myself to move authentically. This authenticity comes from a source deep within me. I love when I’m able to get out of my own way, sufficiently, so that I am BEing moved from this source. And, this is necessary to fulfill my agreement; to be in integrity with myself.” ~Hamid

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Let your Dance begin when you leave somewhere to come Here.

Sign in with clarity and intention; I AM HERE.

Pause at the threshhold of the dance floor; in your own way, bless the space, set an intention, livicate your dance to someone  or some cause.

Stay IN the Dance… Full embodied conscious water drinking, stretching, witnessing, trips to the bathroom…

Feel Everything


And, I have these requests:

Arrive before 8:45pm

Please commit to EMBODIED expression; and let go of verbal communication for these 2 hours.

Please help keep this a ‘scent free’ environment, including, as much as possible, B.O. ( bathing before dancing can be a potent ritual for transformation)

Please power ‘OFF’ cell phones

No alcohol

Ages 14+

About Hamid:

Hamid is an embodied and passionate man of integrity who is fully embracing his human experience. He has a deep appreciation for, and a respectful relationship with the natural world. He enjoys a way of life that includes growing food on his family’s permaculture farm, surfing, and dancing.

Hamid has a profound innate awareness of the body and the healing available through it. In his open-hearted approach to life, he has experienced healing of emotional wounds, soul-level traumas, and broken bones from launching off 50 foot cliffs on his snowboard. Through these experiences, he has cultivated an ability to support others in walking through the fire of life.

Hamid has been deeply supported by spirituality and inner awareness. As a young man, he chose to embrace the spiritual practice his parents had been involved with since before his birth. He continues to explore and develop a healthy relationship with Spirit and his own ego.

Coming from an athletic background, and seeking a sense of fulfillment, Hamid’s desire for the experience of being fully alive led him down a path of trying every thing out there from extreme sports to a career in massage therapy. Finally, it was free-form dance that began to awaken his true creative expression. He dove in.

Hamid desires a life of meaning for himself and his community. He left a professional snowboarding career because he wanted more. After experiencing the deepest state of surrender through spiritual practice, and bringing this surrender to the dance floor, Hamid found his purest and fullest experience of being ALIVE. Even though his fear of stepping into the unknown tried for years to prevent him from becoming your dance facilitator, he could not avoid his soul’s calling. It was too painful not to step out and risk it all to follow his dream.

His commitment is to live his dreams and support others in discovering how to do the same. His life mission is to create a dance environment in which people feel safe to explore and express the fullness of who they really are.

Hamid says, “If we could express ourselves fully authentically, with total freedom, what would that look like? On the dance floor, and in the daily dance?

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful, sacred space. Last nights dance was epic for me. It was one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever had in my life. People got to see the true me last night. I’ve never felt so safe, so held, so met and so loved. Last night I danced with angels in our own private slice of heaven. You are an amazing human being and I’m blessed to know you.
Bless you brother!


Beautiful to meet you at Dance Tribe!
Thank you so so much for the gift that you bring… wow …I was so moved by your art and the musical journey and words that channeled through you.
I would love to hear more about your journey with music and dance. Hope to see you again soon!
Have a great day!
Hugs & Smiles