Wednesdays 5:15 – 6:10pm

Who says gravity is limiting? Spend the afternoon with Lisa and climb, invert, dance, bounce, leap, orbit, spin and fly like you are on the moon! When you Bungee Moon Dance you wear a climbing harness attached to bungees which are attached to the ceiling. The bungees give you levity and buoyancy as if dancing in the lower gravity of the moon. The endless possibilities allow you to move solo or in contact improvisation.

Depending on student’s interests, we divide our time between aerial dance on fabric and hammocks to develop core strength and awareness of moving in the air and bungee moon dancing.

Class meets 5:15 to 6:10 pm on Wednesdays for all levels ~ $15 drop in or 6 classes for $80  ~ Bring you own harness if you have one, or wear one of Lisa’s.

Lisa Christensen is an aerialist, dancer, contraptionist, choreographer, writer and physical therapist.  Several of her students assist during the class.

For much more info, please visit

Lisa Christensen (831) 345-3765