Tuesdays, 5:30-7:00pm
September 20 – October 25


This 5-week committed series is an opportunity to bring forth Sacred Intuitive Movement, to find balance within & without. Used by generations of Native Tribes for health and healing, the Sacred Hoop is a symbol of the all-encompassing circle of universal life, unity, and harmony ♾

“Through Hoop Dance, we can proclaim the continuity of the cycle of life. We can capture timelessness, bridging past and present, present and future. Our dance praises the physical world of the here and now, but also the unseen world around us. It draws a circle that includes everybody. It celebrates the nobility of the human spirit.” –Lakota Hoop Dancer

Sacred Hoop Series is a transformative journey crafted to help you find rhythm, flow and ease. Still the mind, tune in to the Universal energies presently at work, and learn to trust & integrate the messages received through this Sacred Dance.

♾ Sept. 20th – Oct. 25th ::
9/20, 9/27, (10/4 no meeting-integration) 10/11, 10/18 & 10/25)
Your presence is required at a minimum of 3 sessions. $60 for series with pre-registration. Attendance is limited.

✓ Email: brynne@moveintuit.com

More info: http://www.moveintuit.com/hoop-dance.html
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1195742930465626/
@Santa Cruz Hoop Dance

About the facilitator:
After years of teaching, facilitating, and performing Conscious Hoop Dance throughout the West Coast, Brynne Flidais (@Moveintuit) has become an expert at imparting the magick of flow art to a diverse range of people. She regularly facilitates Santa Cruz Hoop Dance’s Monthly Spin Jam, ‘Cosmic Dance’ in collaboration with Moody Shapes, and Santa Cruz Women’s Conscious Dance Collective’s ‘The Open Circle’.
Sacred Hoop is an innaugural series blending her innovative practices into a unified workshop format.

“For me, the Hoop represents the womb…the Divine Feminine, Mother Earth; the Elements, the four directions, the cycles of our planet, the changing of the seasons. The idea that all is held in the web of existence for infinite time.”
-Brynne Flidais