Every Sunday

7:30 – 10 PM

Suggested $12-15 donation.
Trade offerings offered by the altar

Soulscape: a Sunday evening Ecstatic Dance, once named NEXUS which began with Johanna and Brian, who generously supported the creation of the dance.


Soulscape is a place to express our lives through movement in a non-verbal, drug free container. Facilitation is offered each week, to offer ways to connect with yourself and purpose, and others. This space is intended and offered as an ecstatic dance space. Remove your shoes and move, or sit or roll around or stretch or lay still, do you.

Every Sunday evening 8-10 pm DJ Avatar or a guest DJ will share magical music, and with the consent of the dear divine, we will dance, and burn through our worries, fears and doubts, and find presence with what IS. Dance as movement meditation to find meaning and answers to life’s questions is an important part of my life-exploration, so I invite you to share it with us. Each evening we will find time for a closing circle to give participants an opportunity to honor their experience and journey through verbal expression (i.e. share about your experience using words/sounds). As we share a closing circle, we ask you let each participant share their experience, free of any verbal response, or insight into other participants’ situations, this helps keep the closing ritual a safe space for everybody to share their experience.

As connections deepen, and sexuality emerges: accountability for connection lies in both parties courts, we encourage dancers to be kind and aware as they find new dances with new people and encourage connection and listening to whatever speed of connection feels most appropriate. You are free to end a dance at any time for any reason. Be listening, to your own body and your partner’s, remember your partner doesn’t know your boundaries if you don’t.

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About Avatar:
Avatar loves hosting the space, and making magic happen where smiles are met, and connection springs to life from the fountains of reality.  He loves feeling the dancers express and move, and find a deeper sense of empowerment in the space as new teachers find their voice during the initial 30 minutes.

Avatar is an avid supporter of personal empowerment and a consent advocate.  He invites all of his guests to be aware of the impact of their choices, and to do their best to be attune to self and others when sharing connection.

If you have any concerns regarding your safety in the space, you can contact Avatar: (831) 713-7519.


What’s a nexus?

There are many meanings to the word, ‘nexus.’ What caught my attention is the “connected group or series of events” definition combined with the “center,” or “hub” definitions.  I thought it fit for the ongoing practice of dance for individuals wanting more connection to center; core being-ness. It is also defined as, “a means of connection,” which fits well for this event, too.

As discussed in the expressive arts and humanistic-existential schools, self-actualizing is about striving to connect to one’s own center, to fulfill a personal journey within, while at the same time, reaching through with others as embodied social creatures. Likewise, Buddhist teachings hold that the way to enlightenment is through embodiment, or as Gil Fronsdal puts it, “..an invitation to experience our bodies, and to embody our experience.” The word nexus, for me, seemed a congruent trope sufficient for these practices.

Nexus is here to support your mindfulness as embodiment practice, and also to just have a great time dancing and celebrating life!  I’ll end this blurb with a relevant, albeit out of context, quote from Ken Wilbur, “You are not just one layer of the onion; you are the entire onion.”

-Brian Edgar/Windhorse