5Rhythms Series 

with Tom Truman

“If you have a body, you’re a dancer.” -Gabrielle Roth

Tuesdays 10:45AM-12:30 PM

$15  Drop-in

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Monthly discounted class cards are available. Check with the host at the door!


Investigation Into Discovery

A 5Rhythms dance movement series using the practice and map to explore and draw out the subtle qualities of our own experience, uncovering and discovering new places and perspectives. The committed group is a container that allows for a deeper practice to dive further in together over the 5 weeks.

Em.bod.yA 5Rhythms Practice 

 A weekly class where we come to dance as an awareness practice. The 5Rhythms is a dynamic dance practice, where we move to explore and deepen our relationship to self and our world.
Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness:
As a map to explore, we rediscover our authentic self expression.  As we put the body in motion, new awareness naturally arises, patterns and awareness is revealed and the opportunity to choose becomes available to us. This new choice leads to more freedom. 
We dance, we grow as we surrender to the body’s natural wisdom.
Core Teaching Methods/Values:
“I believe the body holds innate wisdom for each of us, when we move we tap into that wisdom.”
As a facilitator, my role, if any, is to help create and hold the space for that wisdom to come through. Using music of all different genres and styles,  a wave is created and holds the space for an journey through movement  with some facilitation and an invitation to explorations. Dancing this wave has been a way to tap into the body’s wisdom for many years and for many thousands of dancers all over the world. The body doesn’t lie, by moving it with awareness, there is so much to discover. I trust that by coming to dance you will find what you need whether it be to rock out to the music with others doing so or to dive deeply into the journey of self in a safe and supported space.


Who and Why:
Born and raised in the U.K., Tom Truman met Gabrielle Roth and 5 Rhythms over ten years ago in N.Y where he lived for over 16 years before moving to California in 2015. Since completing his teacher training in 2016, he now offers classes here in Santa Cruz.  He has training in massage and many years experience in a variety of mindfulness and body based practices. Tom is also a designer and furniture maker. 


I have found that moving the body, dancing my way through the energies that need to move, I have accessed more creativity and freedom in life. The body holds all my stories and when I move, they move, and whether this brings release, a transformation or simply the experience of feeling more of myself, dancing has become my path.
I trust the dance to bring me through to what’s needed. My desire is hold a space for any who come to dance that they may find whatever it is they need and believe that their dance can lead them home to themselves, their joy, creativity and the experience of wholeness.
Tom Truman