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*The 418 Project is a non-profit organization, so your donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.*

$5 or more per month or $50 one-time gift = 418 sticker
$10 or more monthly or $100 gift = a custom-made 418 mug
$25 or more monthly or $250 gift = 418 gift pack, which includes both of the above gifts PLUS $20 in Joze bucks AND an Ecstatic Dance/Inner Rhythm guest pass
$50 or more monthly or $500 gift = one hour massage by one of our wonderful 418 community member bodywork professionals.
$100 or more per month or $1000 = a pair of VIP tickets to the San Jose Sharks NHL hockey


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Is 418 a part of your life?  Do 418’s classes, performances and gatherings give your life more meaning and joy?  If 418 holds an important place for you, then we encourage you to take a moment and give back.  Whether it’s a gift of a few dollars or many, your contribution makes a difference–it’s easy!  Just click the link.

Now in its 24th year in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz, The 418 Project provides affordable, accessible programming to thousands of Santa Cruz residents of all ages who come to the space to enjoy community dances, performances and concerts.  As a cultural sparking point, The 418 Project is central to the health of Santa Cruz’s vital local art scene.

A note from our treasurer…

Dear Community,

As a supporter of The 418 Project, either by attending performances or classes, you know that it offers an exceptional experience in an already exceptional community. Enjoying What Is Erotic? (my favorite local show), going to Ecstatic Dances or by otherwise participating, you have helped us create a unique place where the magic of movement art can flourish. So, you may be excited to hear about our end-of-year giving drive. As a non-profit, the 418 is completely dependent on the goodwill of its users and the community to provide and enhance the space that you have enjoyed. Indeed, in the past year, generous donors have allowed us to revamp our sound system, install an new HVAC system, and have even provided a filtered water station for the comfort of the dancers. Here are some of the items we’d love to have, to enhance an already fantastic space: • Floor Refinishing—$2800 every year thanks to the generosity of Golden Floors • New lights ($125 each) • Two New Speakers—$575 apiece—$1050 total • More paid hours for our fabulous Studio Manager, Brynne ($1300) • New fans (4 at $450 each) Make holiday shopping easy and meaningful; dedicate your gift to a treasured friend who loves dance and performance art as much as you do. All donations are fully tax-deductible. Know that we love monthly recurring donations, but anything that you give will let us know how much we mean to you. It keeps us going.


Gabrielle Adelman, Treasurer, The 418 Project